As we announce the retirement of the petrol Moke and move into the realm of the Electric vehicle market with the new E-Moke; Moke International and Michael Young Studio have auctioned off the last petrol car to come off the Moke assembly line at the Blenheim Palace Ball in the Cotswolds for the Starlight UK, a charity that helps children and families find hope after a child is diagnosed with a serious illness. The ...


March 29, 2022


BlackDiamond, 2022 MonCarbone "I wanted to design a no nonsense piece, something that I have always looked for but never found. Having worked on carbon bicycles and furnishing in the past we understood the techniques and limitations of the factory. Whilst this does look like a rather classic form, it was in fact a complex thing to achieve." Michael young has designed a new Carbon Fibre Luggage series ...


October 25, 2021


Clock, 2021 La Manufacture The Clock is born from the principles of extrusion, an object hinting at limitless continuity by the perception of slicing a section of time out of a continuous material. Coming in various anodised finishes, this minimal wall clock features a quality quartz movement to accurately indicate the time as it passes us by.   Project Designers: ...


September 06, 2021


Acre chair, 2021 Città Michael Young has joined forces with New Zealand design company Città to release the innovative Acre chair. Michael describes the design as a “classical chair” with an emphasis on quality ergonomics. The versatile product has a true and timeless form, allowing it to sit within a range of settings. “The Acre chair came about from my first trip to New Zealand,” says ...


August 30, 2021

Sawaya & Moroni

Super Cantina, 2021 Sawaya & Moroni Michael Young designed the Super Cantina for his old friends at Sawaya and Moroni in Milan. The chair was conceived as a somewhat conceptual take on the classic Italian Cantina chair.  His first cooperation dates back to the 1990’s with the wooden MY69 Chair. A pre Covid trip rekindled conversations  to work on a piece using the best of Italian ...


July 24, 2021

Voronic & Tessellation

Contemporary rug company Christopher Farr continue their long-term collaboration with the internationally renowned designer Michael Young, with the unveiling of two rugs on display in the brand new Christopher Farr London showroom, which opened in April on the iconic Kings Road. “I’ve been mates with Chris and Matt  for over 25 years, we had  a pint in Primrose Hill back then, I handed over my scarf and said just ...