Pissaro Dining

Michael Young for Pissaro, 2008

A unique dining experience situated in the centre of Hong Kong’s night life district. The restaurant’s design unites traditional craft ideology with technology-led processes of today celebrating progress and the timeless appeal of design placed in its time. The restaurant covers 152 square metres and seats approximately 50 diners at any one time. The Coen Chair (winner of Wallpaper*’s 2008 Best Dining Chair award) was created as special edition for the restaurant in replanted teak and black leather.

Pissarro餐厅由迈克尔•杨亲自操刀设计,营造了独特的用餐体验。他将传统的手工制作工艺同现代 的高新技术相结合,符合当今时代风格。餐厅占地152平方米,可容纳50人。玻璃结构渐渐变薄, 使得整个空间光线充足,洋溢着温馨的氛围。家具、座椅以及桌子全部由知名设计师打造。





IMG_0150-finalPhotos courtesy of Harlim Djauhar Winata