New bamboo and paper light collection, 2016

“A light is to illuminate the one and create ambience, otherwise it is just decoration.” — Michael Young for ZENS

Michael Young Studio has teamed up with Chinese homewares brand, Zens, to embark on a long-term project that will create cultural and ecologically responsible products manufactured in the region. The first product range was released in recent weeks at the Guangzhou Design Week IDF. This bamboo light range reaches out to promote a locally sourced material that is also a cultural icon of China but not one that is often used in a technical way. It is is important to understand the beauty that comes from the material, each light has its own shape, form and life. This is the studio’s first attempt to celebrate design in a multicultural way for a new generation.

过去7年,哲品大部分产品集中在餐、花、酒、茶几个领域,但改善生活空间的使命绝不止于此。这次推出了Michael Young 系列灯具是一个全新的尝试,它标志着哲品的产品将逐渐拓宽到整个居家空间,新系列所代表的生活理念也将像MY的灯具一样,为家中的每一个角落带来设计之光。Micheal Young把阳光照在竹子上的自然景象,用最简洁的设计,浓缩至此系列灯具中。使用生长自中国竹林之乡——浙江安吉的天然原竹,为了能与工业配件相契合,每件灯具的竹子都必先经过人手筛选,千里挑一,为保留竹体本身温润的手感与生长痕迹,对原竹仅经过熏蒸处理。










We have also produced a tableware collection depicting traditional Asian patterns on bone china. Through this collection, we promote the use of bamboo, which is still rarely used as a natural material in the western world and a great avenue to incorporate and elevate multicultural design.






Bamboo processing