Michael Young for ZIXAG, 2013 A lightweight cabin sized travel bag designed around Michael’s extensive travel experiences over the last two decades. AirBag is two bags in one, the first of its kind to mix both hard and soft materials in aviation luggage. 


“I’m not the kind of person to wait in queues at airports, it’s not in my nature. I like to land and go, so I always travel light and have learnt to keep things down to a minimum but equally I am aware of the restraints and practicalities of travel. I like to keep my IT and admin section in one place so on the plane or in the next meeting I know exactly where things are. I don’t want the odd sock or toothbrush falling out in front of the wrong people so I designed this handy section on the front for personal things, clothes, magazines and a section for passports and wallets on the outside.”

— Michael Young

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Studio Series for Zixag, 2010

A range of computer-based lifestyle bags that includes both lap top covers, accessory pouches and an extensive range of casual briefcases for the modern commuter. The collection was born from two years work and research into the modern Mac user.

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