ALLTOTEMs x GalleryAll 

Illumination as Prelude 

In celebration of Gallery All‘s tenth anniversary, the exhibition titled ‘Illumination as Prelude’ delves into the myriad ways light intertwines with design. This theme not only accentuates light’s boundless potential as a creative muse but also underscores its seminal role in the alchemy of space-making. As a prelude, it weaves art and design into bridges that connect souls and ignite the imagination of future narratives. The exhibition will feature the latest works of represented artists Tan ZhipengMichael Young, and The Haas Brothers.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient art of Chinese craftsmanship and the delicate glow of lanterns, Michael Young melds light with aluminum, employing the reflective and refractive qualities of the material to reveal the limitless possibilities within design.

As an extension to our research with extruded aluminum, the ALLTOTEMs comprise a limited edition of 18 units, including three Artist proofs. Several shapes have been designed for the purpose of creating somewhat randomly generated patterns. Nonetheless, they are in the spirit of Asian lanterns, this project is fundamentally exploring the relationship between craft and technology.

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