Chair 4A, 2012EOQ A classic shaped chair, reinterpreted through modern production. The chair is made using both extruded and stamped recycled aluminium, which is then subject to hand finishing before surface treatment. Chair 4A comes in six different finishes including anodised, powder coated, and polished aluminium.

“I realised that if I could capture the engineering skills employed by local industry and put that depth of knowledge in aluminium research into furniture design, I could design a state-of-the-art and relevant chair. In recent years, chairs have taken all nature of shape and form due to the use of plastics, but plastic in itself is not a great material to use. Its tactility and its ageing process are highly unpleasant. For the same price I can use recycled aluminium and create a more sustainable chair that also creates jobs rather than having a man just pressing a button. The tooling is complex but we created a chair that lasts a lifetime.”

— Michael Young 


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