Client: CIGA design

Year: 2017

Award: IF Gold Award 2017/German Design Award 2019/Shenzhen Design Award 2019

Templates is a watch designed to integrate the movement and face into one piece. This enables it to be dropped inside the casing and be fixed as a whole. Traditionally a rear movement sits beneath the numeric front face, however, by redesigning the traditional concept and turning the front side of the movement into the watch dial itself Templates offers a unique entry point into the precision watch market.



“This watch takes a holistic approach to design, signifying a new interpretation of a classic masterpiece. Appealing sensory details such as a visible movement and a tactile crown winder will delight the user, while the curved face lends a softness to the appearance. Michael Young has succeeded in imparting this watch with a unique experience.”

-iF Jury statement.

The watch case is made in diecast steel and offered in a IP (Ion Plating) matt black coating, polished steel and brushed finish with an anti-scratch crystal glass face. Multiple strap option are available.

Whilst the studio has designed multiple watches over the last decade this will be the third to join our other icons the PXR5 for Void and Hacker watch for ODM.