LessThanFive™ Family + MoreThanFive™ Tables, 2022


The studio has again collaborated with Coalesse and their design team on three new products to extend the LessThanFive™ family. 

The lounge chair echoes the geometry of the dining chair, continuing a focus on comfort, ergonomics, stickability and of course, manoeuvrability via the light weight material.  The outcome is more generous than the dining chair, the more relaxed posture also naturally creates a small arm rest, which is comfortable while not being imposing or obstructive for elbows in a collaborative environment.

The barstool is a feat of engineering, as well as design – a form which could not be realised in any other material. The cantilever seat is supported by just two thin stems, curving into the cross shape junction. Tying all the legs and footrest into one precisely engineered component. The result is amazingly light, incredibly strong, and visually fascinating.

As with all our carbon fibre collaborations, the lounge chair and stools have undergone a rigorous engineering and testing process to optimise the material properties, and ensure we can push the material, and the design intent as far as possible.

Finally, in contrast to the chair, lounge chair and stool, the MoreThanFive™ tables provide a heavy non-moving element to the collection. Whilst the carbon elements in the LessThanFive™ range are light and easy to move, the table is heavy and creates an anchor within the environment. The modular table uses 4 identical cast iron legs connected by a central cast element, we’re able to offer a square or circular version as well as various rectangular options by interchanging this central component. The surface of the table is made of a toughened glass with a frosted finish which creates a ghostly transparency that subtly reveals the structure bellow.