The MYS Range, 2012Diamond Coral The world’s first refined water system. Seeking to respond to the sometimes questionable water purification processes employed in many Asian cities — that can have the tendency to leave traces of chemicals — MYS wanted to develop a system that would bring quality drinking water to people in their offices and at home; rationalizing the entire purification method from filtration to serving, through one simple appliance.


The MYS range for diamond water, includes a refined water machine, known as the ‘diamond coral’ which is also available in miniature, and mini bar versions — extending the system to both internal and external water sources, in different situations. The devices take water through a number of filtering phases that extract unwanted chemicals, and add various elements and minerals back into it. These filters can be easily changed and adapted, making it simple to tailor the purification system according to a broad range of users, and their specific requirements — from a newborn to an elderly person.

Eliminating weaknesses that are found in ordinary water machines, the ‘diamond coral’ enhances all of the strengths of a traditional filtering network, eliminating the plastic taste that is evident in traditional ones of its kind. No more scientific water. No more acidic water. No more waste water pollution. No more ugly tools in the kitchen.




diamond-coral-back diamond-coral-top diamond-water-bardiamond-coral-mini


Details of the six filter systems utilized in the ‘diamond water range’:
Filter A: The world’s best impregnated ceramic filter, which has been awarded NSF certification, thoroughly removes bacteria and impurities like dirt, silt and rust.
Filter B: NSF certified activated carbon removes unpleasant odors and colors, while natural mineral stones regulate mineral content.
Filter C: Composed of NSF certified grade an antivated carbon and a KDF metal ion converter (meeting the standards stipulated by the FDA and EPA of the united states), this filter completely removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other chemical contaminants.
Filter D: The ce2000pi energy conversion technology of Japan effectively breaks water molecules into the smallest possible clusters; making it easier for the body to absorb. It also increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water.
Filter E: High-tech id2 energy stabilizer with far infrared technology stabilizes energy in the water to keep water molecule clusters at the smallest size for a prolonged period of time.
Filter F: High-density NSF certified activated carbon combined with natural magnetic stones help balance the water to a mild alkaline level and increase the number of calcium ions to further enhance health.