Michael Young for Dupont Corian, 2010 The DuPont™ Corian® Design Studio in Shanghai was created to bring Eastern and Western cultures together, drawing from the rich history of Chinese art and building techniques combined with modern technology. The pieces designed in the studio express the many possibilities that Dupont Corian has in several areas of the market.


 “It was serendipitous that the Corian sample logo is a hexagon, our research into ancient building and construction  lead us to similar mathematical constructions, combine this with our modern studio techniques and the machines developed especially for the project and we have a state-of-the-art project. My brief was to create objects that demonstrate the different applications of the material, so I set the space up more as a gallery to give each object its own importance. Fortunately my design office in Hong Kong  is experienced in contemporary Asian culture and adept with building computer programs to create the complex structures we designed.”

— Michael Young