“I’m a complete dyslexic so the language was not the barrier it was beautiful decoration.”


How did you move to Hong Kong?

It was really just by chance and probably sounds rather ostentatious but it was nuts and bolts logic at the time.I was put up at the Peninsula Hotel by a client and was sitting in the pool with a glass of champagne during a Miss World contest. I saw the lights of super brands on the buildings in front of me, behind me was Shenzhen, the best manufacturing base in the universe and in between all of the big banks. So the street boy in me just joined the dots and thought to myself its fortuitous situation. So I stayed. I’m a complete dyslexic so the language was not the barrier it was beautiful decoration.


What are the fun designing different objects from furniture to car and to vase? 

My reality is that I’m a survivor. I started out at Tom Dixon‘s 30 years ago and that was a time when we used to make furniture out of frying pans or anything we could find to make $ to eat. I never lost that open mind. Instinct or the fear of getting hungry and living in the ruts again is part of me. It’s great fun to be asked to try things out because a client may think I can put something fresh on the table and approach material in my own way. I love the relationships each project comes with new friendship. I’m not saying its all easy but the fun comes from the culture and people.


Object you haven’t touched yet but interested in to work on? 

I so want to design a yacht. I just love those beasts! I adore what Starck has done to that industry and given the chance and trust I could deliver the next round.


Tips to beat jet lag?

I have been on the road for 30 years and there are on 2 solutions:
Option 1. Do not eat, do not drink alcohol and meditate when you cannot sleep.
Option 2. Eat, drink and roll with it. It will be painful.
I tried both neither work the mind and body follow the moon.


Current favourite musician? 

Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Thankyou! smalltalk