iCase Series, 2019Leader, Haier

The new fridge iCase series, which was designed for Haier in China with Leader brand has now started marketing.

Leader, being a young and stylish home appliances brand within Haier, have been striving for innovative products for a younger generation. Leader covers a wide product range, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, kitchen appliances as well as TVs and more, which are well designed and engineered globally. With more than tens of millions of loyal users, Leader has received recognition from global industry experts and been rewarded with over 30 awards.

We are blessed to took part in the design cooperation with Haier team and promote the product into the freshest and largest growing market in China. The concept of this fridge focuses on younger consumers living in smaller apartments in new tier cities.

Simplicity and efficiency has driven the design process of the iCase. Its unique modular system helps to save time and break spacial constraints, so as to create long-term and multi-scenario uses for a younger generation. It is tailored for this generation; app control, customizable lighting and language allow the iCase to keep up with the dynamics of this dynamic user group. Promoting long term use by way of adding additional units rather than disposing of the product and buying a new one.

As the family grows or the space increases the design can cater for it. Modules can be freely added with 1 + N set up depending on the number of family members and being placed separately according to various scenarios. Allow users participating into the design process and opening up an entirely new experience throughout the growth.

This was not a straight up design project, Haier team spent several months researching by way of forums and 1 to 1 interviews to figure out the new consumer habits in developing cities around China. During this period, researchers had to concisely understand how to create sustainable projects within that market.

In the next 10 years there are going to be 1 billion new consumers in China and that alone has a massive impact on the planet.

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