HIDW , 2020 Michael Young Studio has successfully curated this year’s Hebei International Industrial Design Week (HIDW) in Xiongan. The objective of the show is “to question and reimagine the future of a city in China from a fresh perspective.” The show content was carefully curated so as to question how we might bring culture, the past, present and future, into play with science and technology.








The visual language was based on the concept of ‘pluriversity‘. The overlapping of two-dimensional elements in three-dimensional space to build a common language. It creates a diverse scene that unleashes the infinite possibilities of togetherness. The concept of the visual identity was applied to an extended series of graphics and videos for satellite forums and design events. 



The studio has also curated an exhibition: HIDW Young Talent. Using draped curtains and visually light plinths, we divided the 400 square meter exhibition hall into a landscape where just the right amount of social distancing was possible.

Featuring works of Zhang ZhoujieRashmi BidasariaAriel Noyman and 18 emerging designers worldwide, the HIDW Young Talent shows how designers use products and new design methods to reshape consumption and manufacturing models, urban environments, and local industries. It all seeks solutions for challenging crises through collective thinking and finds common value in differences.





HIDW also showcased our long-term collaborator’s KEFGallery AllEOQ and Coalesse, through which our design evolution is reflected.

Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2020, Design’s Construct of Pluriversality, is a new attempt at the traditional design exhibition. In the face of today’s complex global issues, we believe that design should play the role of constructing the future and forging the idea of a pluriverse world from multiple perspectives.

Director: Michael Young
HIDW Young Talent CuratorChaya Lin
Exhibition Design: Alex Nacrour, Chaya Lin, Lavrans Laading