The Cabin, 2019

JEB Group

Revolutionising Open Workspace Solutions.

JEB Group and Michael Young Studio are proud to announce the launch of the Cabin, a stylish solution that adheres to the demands of the modern work environment. JEB Group worked together with Michael Young Studio with the design intent to create what would be more than just an independent space. Michael Young Studio came up with the initial concept, layouts and worked closely with JEB Group to transform the concept into reality.






Comfort and Wellbeing
What is unique about the Cabin is its octagonal shape that blends harmoniously into workspaces, giving it a functional internal space for the area it occupies. The physical attributes of the Cabin are developed to holistically create a sense of wellbeing and comfort. It is the ideal multifunctional hub for private meetings, casual conversations and relaxation.




Sound Privacy and Ventilation
Acoustic materials were meticulously chosen to establish the optimal acoustic privacy required for concentration and focus inside the Cabin. When users enter the Cabin, they will be isolated from noise pollution and external disturbances that are omnipresent. The Cabin provides the proper air circulation required in enclosed spaces. A floor ventilation system is constructed to ensure silent airflow in and six fans are built into the ceiling to push warm air out.


Sustainability and Environmental Performance
The exterior comprises of a custom-designed Michael Young patterned EchoPanel, manufactured in Australia using recycled PET bottles. The table is made of 100% recyclable material using rice husk and is formaldehyde-free. The floor coverings are made of sisal, a strong natural fiber that is durable and eco- friendly.



The Cabin can accommodate up to six people. It is suitable to retrofit into any office space or incorporated into new builds without looking out of place. It is offered in Whisper White and Mystic Black. It is available in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Australia.