white lancaster

Lancaster, 2010


A collection of stacking chairs, barstools and tables representing Emeco’s first foray into component-based design incorporating cast aluminium seats and backs with carved ash-wood legs. The ash-wood components are made by Emeco’s partner, an Amish factory in Lancaster County PA, providing the collection with its name, Lancaster.



above: initial card model, FEA studies, first die casting off tool.


Below: Seat pad details, backrest details.



“I have worked extensively with the aluminium manufacturing process recently, and with some of the best equipped factories in Asia. I was looking at the ways to join other materials with aluminium over the last few years and thinking about a chair. I feel passionate about working with natural materials that live for ever; wood and metal are really the materials that connect to the human so there was no question that the richness of their ageing processes would be a perfect combination. I felt that using wood would create a softer edge to a product whilst the aluminium would speak to its sophistication and heritage.”

–Michael Young

Lancaster by Michael Young 1 copy

Lancaster by Michael Young 2010 copy


icon-web01.1 Lancaster table ash top copy