Michael Young 于 2013 年为法国餐厅 Le Petit Sergent设计




室内环境概览— 一楼











室内环境概览 — 地下室
































Michael Young for Le Petit Sergent, 2013 The Diner experience is something that is close to many people hearts, the warmth and comfortable atmosphere gives people a sense of intrinsic familiarity. Drawing from various visual elements and emotional values, we want to produce an atmosphere of effortless serenity that is a nod to the nostalgic allure of the American diner experience.


” We want to create a space that is grounded in timeless Parisian sophistication, but is relaxed, 

slightly rough around the edges, and infused with an air of insouciance.” -Michael Young





Integrating Technology into a preexisting environment

A new kind of rough luxury that juxtaposes technology with an authentic backdrop paying homage to the rich context in which it exists. Careful consideration is paid to industrial process expressed through precise details and unique art pieces. Contrasting the raw architecture, surface will appear visibly luxe with an emphasis on innovation, tactile finishes and warm, rich tones. A reduced palette of existing rock, metal, marble & wood will contribute to an aesthetic that is on one level familiar and inviting and on another, conceptually challenging in it’s delivery.


Interior Overview – Basement














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