Vogue Living featuring our Hong Kong beach house …..An epidemic gave designers Michael Young and Alice Harding a new understanding of light, shadow and space. Inspired by Alice’s first trip to Lamma Island, the husband and wife came up with a clear idea: space, sunshine and tranquility will be the key words of the new home in the future. Alice explains: “I’m from New Zealand and I grew up with the great outdoors and the sea. Now, with my two young boys, I find Hong Kong Island suffocatingly crowded. When the pandemic hit, playgrounds, Facilities such as beaches and swimming pools are closed one by one, especially the situation.” Lamma Island is just a place for people to escape from the world and relieve depression. Michael also appreciates the charm of the small island, sharing: “We went to (Lamma Island) for lunch and asked the bartender how to get a place here. Finally, we came across this unsold residence and was amazed by its potential: independent house , extra-high ceilings, intoxicating views, and proximity to the beach…the benefits are too numerous to list.”
Thanks to Stephanie Wong and Adrian Wu of SW Design, the two-story mansion was transformed into a family vacation home, with Michael and Alice at the helm of the design process. The original traditional village house was built in the early 1980s, covering an area of 1,400 square feet. After being demolished, only a minimalist structure remained. “Most village houses are three storeys high, but this big house is only two storeys. The sense of space and lighting are unbelievably beautiful.” Michael said excitedly. The two transformed the ground floor into an open space, covering the living room, kitchen and dining area. The folding doors are so wide that they can lead to the outdoor back garden; the upper floor has a master suite, a guest room and a double room for children. Glass screen doors for easy access to and from the patio.