ESKYIU PLAYKITS challenges the definition and constitution of a community that is being continuously shaped. As a platform for cultural exchanges between communities of different backgrounds, it uses play as the overarching attitude across a series of events.

What brings people together? How are communities formed? In the age of digital media, communities and social groupings are even more territorialized and segregated with groups connected by specific localities, shared aspirations and interests. ESKYIU PLAYKITS challenges notion of PLAY, SUSTAINABILITY and TRANSFORMATION.

Designed and curated by ESKYIU, this exhibition and series of events are set to engage the wider community through architecture, art and technology. Celebrating ESKYIU’s work and projects over the last decade and its future visions, the studio is creating a complex set of transformable objects that interact with participants. This project is also a series of collaborations between the performers through artefact, which will inform new ways to challenge performance. Highlight programmes include Sports Challenge; C-Suite Dialogues; Chinese Music Rediscovery. This exhibition and series of events is supported by Swire Properties’ ArtisTree, other collaborators including Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Social/Capital, and various other groups and individuals who have made ESKYIU thrive, remain challenged and continuously creative

Exhibition: November 17th to 28th 2018