Sawaya & Moroni

Super Cantina, 2021

Sawaya & Moroni

Michael Young designed the Super Cantina for his old friends at Sawaya and Moroni in Milan. The chair was conceived as a somewhat conceptual take on the classic Italian Cantina chair.  His first cooperation dates back to the 1990’s with the wooden MY69 Chair. A pre Covid trip rekindled conversations  to work on a piece using the best of Italian craftsmanship.

“It’s really about having a great seat to eat from which is why I arrived at the pony skin and finely sculptured steel. It also comes in a variety of other finishes and will be launched at the newly opened Milan Showroom during Salone from the 5th – 10th September”. 

Sawaya & Moroni emerged on the international design scene in 1984 relatively quickly combining professional talent of architect and designer William Sawaya with entrepreneurship of Paolo Moroni. The company is now set as a manufacturer of high quality design furniture. Both partners are from areas unrelated to the furniture, so the lack of a family’s traditions to be respected and passed on, typical of this area, becomes a positive element, free from all conceptual and productive restrictions.

Thanks to this freedom a collection of limited editions are born; signed by the great protagonists of contemporary architecture, design and art, together with a multitude of furniture, silver and artefacts that have found place in private collections and design museums around the world.

Join us at the showroom for the opening on the 6th of September from 6-8pm

Via Clerici, 1, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Project Lead: Ben McCarthy
Project Designers: Ben McCarthy, Alex Nacrour