Client: Moke International

Year: 2016


The Moke is a historic and cult car. Initially produced to share some of the Mini’s mechanical parts, but with a more rugged body shell to give it a life intended for the beach. Having been produced in the UK, Australia and Portugal over its rich 50 years history, the new Moke has been optimised for todays technology and handling.

For the past 20 years trying to find a Moke of your own was extremely difficult as this classic cruising mobile stopped being produced in 1993. Even parts were hard to find and these fun machines were being kept cooped up in garages and turned into collector’s pieces. After redesigning and reengineering more than 160 new parts the MOKE is back, and it’s better than ever.

It has the same spirit, the same style and is just as suave as the original Moke.


Resigning the Moke:

As a Moke enthusiast, when the email came in asking if I was interested to talk about the project, it was like a call to duty for me. I had recently been commissioned to rebuild a Moke in Australia from the ground up out of old parts, in 2012. I was fully aware of what needed to be done. You must remember that this car is from the 70’s, which was a crucial period in many fields of creativity. It has been more than 20 years since the last Moke rolled off the assembly line in Portugal. The world has changed dramatically. We could not just replicate the original model as times have changed, and music and fashion have changed accordingly. So the car’s main requirements actually need adjustments too: enhancements, improved road-holding, braking, suspension and so on”



“It was essential to strike an equal balance for the old enthusiast and the new generation of Moke drivers – like me.” For this reason, Michael Young was brought on board to head the design team at Moke International. Michael was an obvious choice, as there are few leading designers with the right visual aesthetic approach to match the spirit of the car. But more than this, Young was a Moke owner himself, so he had a true understanding of the car’s real needs and dynamics. “I was equally aware that I had to respect the past and make sure the overall visual aspect was kept intact”. 

See some of the Moke Features, in this Moke International Video:

Watch Michael Young on Thai TV at the launch of the Moke at the Bangkok Motor Show, 2014.











Michael Young 与 Moke International 协作设计


Moke 是别具风格、历史悠久的经典汽车。该品牌起始时,仅是搭载 Mini 迷你汽车的机械部件,然而由于是为海滩生活而设计,车驱的外壳更加坚固。回溯过去五十多年的历史,它曾经于英国、澳大利亚和葡萄牙生产,而全新的 Moke 则配合当今科技及处理而进行优化。

在过去二十年,寻找独一无二的 Moke 极为困难,因为这一经典的漫游汽车于 1993 年已经停产。就连部件也是难以寻找,这些有趣的汽车仅能够待在车库内,成为收藏品。现在,通过重新设计及重新研究超过 160 个新部件,MOKE 正式盛势回归,而且比以往更加优越。

它拥有同样的灵魂,同样的风格,与原本的 Moke 一样倜傥。


重新设计 Moke 越野车:

“作为 Moke 的狂热粉丝,当我收到电邮问我有否兴趣商议这一项目的时候,我感觉就像被徵召入伍一样。我曾经在 2002 年获委托在澳大利亚重新建设 Moke,运用旧部件从头开始设计。当时候,我很清楚知道有何使命。必需提醒各位的是,这一汽车是来自上世纪七十年代,那是在诸多创意领域都是非常关键的时代。最后一部离开葡萄牙生产线的Moke 至今已有超过二十年。自此以后,世界经历了诸多重大的遽变。时代已变,我们不可能复制原本的模型,就如音乐和时尚已变一样。因此,这一汽车的关键要求必需有所调整:加强性能、改善抓地力、刹车和悬浮等。 ”






“在往昔的爱好者与新一代的 Moke 驾驶者之间,必需有精确的平衡 — 就像我一样。”基于这一原因,Michael Young 应邀领导 Moke 国际设计团队。他显然是理想的人选,由于当时极少设计师擅长于适合 Moke 汽车风格的视觉美学。但更重要的是,Young 本人也拥有一部 Moke 越野车,所以他真正了解它的真正需要及动力。“同样,我也知道我必需尊重它的历史,确保整体的视觉美感保持完整。“

请在以下 Moke International 的视频观看 Moke 的一些特点:




Michael Young 亮相于泰国电视报道,拍摄于 2014 年曼谷汽车展的 Moke 发布会。