Money Clock, 2013

Michael Young for  Galerie Kreo

“As part of a family of products, I discovered this technique of folding paper almost immediately upon arriving in Hong Kong. I saw a simple toy made out of this beautiful craft which was never really exploited in the arts’ arena. My objective was to take it out of Asia and present it as a local craft, which indeed it is. Each product has thousands of folded papers which are inter- locked to form a whole. The clock idea came about because of the amount of time it actually takes make them, I eventually made an edition clock for Kreo Paris in 1 USD notes, a total of 1,440 to represent the hours in the day and night. I went on to create a series of products in this way, even panels for the Pissarro restaurant in Hong Kong, which used over 300,000 specially dyed components.”

— Michael Young

121213 KreoClock 32


Chinese Times, edition of 5