Gallery ALL

MY Dynasty, 2018

Michael Young for Gallery ALL

Michael Young has created a unique collection of Aluminium foam vases for renowned art incubator Gallery ALL. Inspired by Chinese Taoism, each shape and colour represents one of the 5 key elements of the Wu Sing philosophy.

As a group, they represent historical continuity, as well as representing the cycle of creation: wood feeds fire, fire creates earth (ash), earth bears metal, metal collects water, water nourishes wood….and the cycle begins again.



Using a complex process to achieve this porous yet solid metallic material Michael was then able to colour it through anodizing, a process usually associated with mobile phone finishes. The inherent difficulty in controlling this process means that no two vases will ever be the same, be it in its cellular layout or the regularity or imperfections found in the colourisation. This collection is a continuation of the processes used in the Metal Rock collection as well as the Oxygen Chair, currently in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

Gallery ALL is committed to introducing the public and collectors to the most cutting-edge and experimental design collections, pushes the boundaries of design through the exploration and experimentation of materials, intersecting the disciplines of architecture, technology, and design. With fabrication facilities in both Beijing and Tucson, Gallery ALL has unique research and production capabilities. This serves to encourage progressive manufacturing practices, facilitates expert craftsmanship, and offers the designer a more holistic approach to design, fabrication, and display.