The new fridge iCase series, which was designed for Haier in China with Leader brand has now started marketing. We are blessed that Haier are using our design to promote the product into the freshest and largest growing market in China. The concept of this fridge focusing on younger consumers living in smaller apartments in new tier cities, promotes long term use by way of adding additional units rather than disposing of the product and buying a new one. As the family grows or the space increases the design can cater for it. This was not a straight up design project, Haier Group spent several months researching by way of 1 to 1 interviews new consumer habits in developing cities around China,.During the period, researchers had to concisely understand how to create sustainable projects within that market. In the next 10 years they are going to be 1 billion new consumers in China and that alone has a massive impact on the planet. Thank you@haierdesignoffical and we are hoping for continued cooperation in the future.