Series X, 2020


Omura commissioned Michael Young Studio to ensure their revolutionary high-tech mechanical design was matched with a slick and relevant exterior. The design taps perfectly into fashion and lifestyle tech market. Whilst Young says he is not a user of whole flower he is an avid believer in the medical benefits.

“We wanted to create a product that would step away from traditional vape device typologies to become a visually subtle object, reminiscent of matchboxes or oldshool Dunhill lighters, which would help instil a sense of ritualistic approach the whole flower experience.” says Young.

The design follows natural forms, inspired by pebbles to provide a intriguing tactile experience. Its compact soft forms create an innate sense of interaction and attachement. 

Omura is a next-generation cannabis company, unveiling a first-of-its kind whole flower vaporizer that introduces precision dosing through its proprietary heat-not-burn technology no extracts or boiled-down by-products. The Omura Series X is a next-generation device for people who want the benefits of whole flower without the burning or combustion that comes with other flower formats such as pre-rolls or vapes. Paired with its unique Flowersticks, the Omura Series X delivers a precise dose with each use.

“Like drinking wine, the Omura Series X allows users to choose the right amount by layering Flowersticks. This lets people perfect their dose and unwind without worry,” says Michael Simpson, Co-CEO of Omura.”We are the first cannabis company to bring precise dosing to flower so that consumers can experience all the benefits of whole flower in a controlled, balanced way.”

“The Omura Series X exemplifies cannabis consumption as nature intended it. This device is the truest expression of our brand’s mission of bringing precision and purity to the cannabis experience.”  Says Simpson 

Omura offers a next-generation cannabis system designed to make whole flower consumption simple, stylish, and easy. Founders include major luxury and fashion executives and tobacco industry alums who came together with one goal: To create a future-facing cannabis experience that is inclusive and considered. Omura products are available for purchase online and locally at dispensaries and trade shows within California and Massachusetts.

The X1 is available in 4 different colour finished, Gold , Quartz, Jade, Onyx and comes with its very own charging base which doubles up as a sophisticated presentation stand for a device worth having on show.

Project Lead: Alex Nacrour
Project Designers: Alex Nacrour, Lavrans Laading