Series XSE, 2021


Omura commissioned Michael Young Studio to ensure their revolutionary high-tech mechanical design was matched with a slick and relevant exterior. The design taps perfectly into fashion and lifestyle tech market. Whilst Young says he is not a user of whole flower he is an avid believer in the medical benefits.


The Omura Series X Special Edition (XSE) brings beautiful industrial design and cutting edge heat-not-burn technology to the world of cannabis and CBD. We were inspired to design an object that goes beyond the purely technical, and create a device that fits seamlessly into consumer’s lives. The team at Omura and Michael Young Studio wanted a device that someone would feel proud to put on display at home and on the go. It needed to sit alongside consumers accessories from a favorite watch to a beautiful speaker. The Omura XSE was engineered to be compact and easy to use, something convenient to slide into your pocket or purse.

The exterior of the new device was specifically created to be ergonomically friendly with a tactile metal knurling finish. The knurling was developed via an algorithm and 3D surfacing technology for the perfect depth, width and texture. Each device comes with a charging base that includes storage for flower sticks so it’s charged and easily accessible within the home.

Technically the new Omura XSE creates a seamless interaction between the consumer and the technology. As soon as the patented flower stick is inserted, the device begins heating up on a preprogrammed session. This easily adoptable system requires minimal education and maintenance. Additionally, the Omura XSE has revolutionized the performance of a heat-not-burn device with the introduction of its proprietary ‘dual heat source oven’ designed specifically for use with the Omura FlowerSticks. The software in the Omura device has two heat curves, one optimized for THC (428 Degrees Fahrenheit) and Hemp CBD (350 Degrees Fahrenheit). A small switch on the bottom lets consumers choose what heat curve based on what type of flower stick they are enjoying. The proprietary heat curve allows a consumer to truly experience the terpenes and flavonoids as they develop at much lower temperature then the cannabinoids. Ultimately, the device is optimized to work with the Omura Flower Sticks to create maximum efficiency out of a small amount of whole flower, showing 99.8% cannabinoid vaporization when tested at SC Labs.


Omura is a next-generation cannabis company, unveiling a first-of-its kind whole flower vaporizer that introduces precision dosing through its proprietary heat-not-burn technology no extracts or boiled-down by-products. The Omura Series X is a next-generation device for people who want the benefits of whole flower without the burning or combustion that comes with other flower formats such as pre-rolls or vapes. Paired with its unique Flowersticks, the Omura Series X delivers a precise dose with each use.

Omura offers a next-generation cannabis system designed to make whole flower consumption simple, stylish, and easy. Founders include major luxury and fashion executives and tobacco industry alums who came together with one goal: To create a future-facing cannabis experience that is inclusive and considered. Omura products are available for purchase online and locally at dispensaries and trade shows within California and Massachusetts.