Amphibious Watch P1, 2018


Michael Young Studio has designed amphibious watch P1 for PACEWEAR, a Chinese brand created in 2016 with the support of Tencent Technology and Goertek to provide smart wearable devices. The product was created as an affordable entry-level millennial product with ambitious performance. The product was patiently crafted to cut through the noise and offer a value for money solution to assist in sports and life management.



There is really not much left to design when it comes to such products, as it is really about the function of the screen and the tech. However, the AMOLED HD Screen is the next level and offers some incredible graphic interventions.

“The studio has been designing watches for over 10 years now and in keeping with the times needs to accommodate possible markets.” Amphibious watch P1 has been concisely created to highlight current needs.