Limited Edition

Parallel Brain Rug, 2018

Michael Young for Limited Edition

Parallel Brain, a new made-to-measure rug designed by innovate product design designer Michael Young for the Belgian master rug maker Limited Edition, has a psychedelic matrix with its genesis in the worlds of science and nature.

The rug is inspired by the scientific phenomenon known as reaction-diffusion which is the chemical response when two liquids repel each other.  Think of the shimmer that arises when petrol and water try to get together or the intricate delicacy of the patterning of a leopard’s coat or the scales of a fish.


The patterns generated by the same chemical dynamic deliver the labyrinth-like array of the rug.  A seemingly random arrangement of folds or waves as seen in brain tissue or indeed, brain corals.  The maze-like structure is an enticing combination of interlocking geometric patterns that twist and turn leading the eye back and forth on a never ending journey.

“It is design as industrial art that interests me,” explains Young of his work.  Parallel Brain combines his creative ingenuity with the skills of master craftsmen to produce a rug that, like art, will become a collector’s item.

The family-owned company, Limited Edition, makes high-quality rugs from their base in Moeskroen in the westerly Belgian province of Hainaut.  Limited Edition distinguishes itself by craftsmanship and a luxury of simplicity. The colours of the hand-dyed yarn are created especially for Parallel Brain at the firm’s own dye works.  Crafted using exclusively 100% superior-quality New-Zealand wool, each Parallel Brain rug is hand-tufted by experts in the use of a tufting gun meaning each piece is truly unique.