Michael Young was commissioned by Base Design and Passanha Oil to design this new glass bottle. The Passanha brand dates to 1749 and this bottle marks the re-launch of this historical olive oil company.

Passanha brothers Luis and Joao Felipe decided to revive the family tradition, in updated packaging that was contemporary yet linked to the family heritage. The brothers invested in a new olive press, and are today the only olive oil company in Portugal controlling the entire chain of production—from tree to bottle.

By incorporating the new logo that Base Design has created, this olive oil bottle is divided into upper and lower parts by a horizontal ridge with the “drop” just below, representing the olive press and at the same time emphasizing the oil and its colour.

“Our main task was to balance the tradition and modernity that is inherent to today’s Herdeiros Passanha products.” Michael Young stressed how “the strength of the creative work was due to the close collaboration” between him and Base.

Herdeiros Passanha offers two types of olive oil, Quinta de São Vincente and Quinta de São Vincente Premium, in three sizes,

25 ml, 50 ml, and 75 ml. It will launch its super-premium, black label olive oil in March of 2009.