Sabar Sextoy, 2007KikiDm  An opiate free plastic sex toy with continuous sensuous curves to allow fluid flexibility, creating voluptuous pleasure. Using the principle of nodes and anti-nodes, the side panels are scooped out for maximum vibration. A light switch at the front indicates speed change.




“Possibly one of the more bizarre briefs we have accepted over the years. This came about whilst working with Base Design as they were branding the company Kiki de Montparnasse for a new store in Green Street, New York.

The form arose from research into ergonomics, production processes and how to create a simple but scienti c device. I am very happy with the result of this product. After PXR5 it was the second object I was involved in creating hands-on in China and was part of MY studio’s evolution that persuaded me to stay in Hong Kong.”

 — Michael Young