November 14, 2018
Al(l): projects in Aluminum by Michael Young 

Over the last twenty years, Michael Young has established himself as one of the leading international personalities in his field, constantly pushing the 
limits of the experimental design. Powered by the dynamism resulting from the collaboration with Chinese manufacturers, studio Michael Young now embodies 
the skills of industrial innovation in Asia. The result is a work that goes 
beyond design by exploiting cutting-edge, highly innovative know-how to turn 
it into industrial art. Michael Young will present his approach to design and that leads to the production of objects of high significance. The designer's 
intimate links with aluminum are already consecrated by critics, he will 
reveal to us the design secrets behind a realization for which the use of 
aluminium represented a design challenge but proved also a solution in the 
pursuit of the objectives of the project and the attainment of its aims.