In order to implement the specific spirit of the “Nineteenth National Congress” on promoting deepening cooperation between Hong Kong , Macao and the Mainland , Shenzhou Creative Week will further deepen the cooperation between Shenzhen and Macao in cultural creativity, characteristic finance and the tourism industries .It will Open up the International market and build a permanent platform. The 2nd “Shenzhou Creative Week” will host the 2nd Shenzhen·Macau Cultural Tourism Creative Design Competition with the theme of “New Culture·New Tourism·New Macau”.
The competition takes “design-driven industry transformation” as its core value, and cooperates with Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Dawan District to build a strategic plans for aworld-class urban agglomerations, focusing on the following hotspots: smart manufacturing in Hong Kong and Macao, innovation and development, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and culture. The cross-border development of the tourism industry.
The competition will invite authoritative experts to serve as judges on a global scale. In order to highlight the cross-border integration of the design and strengthen the comprehensiveness of the review, in addition to inviting experts in the design field, experts from other related fields such as technology, commerce, and media are also invited to participate in the review.
16th October 2018 Please check links for location and times