As the publisher of Hong Kong’s lowest print run I am proud to announce that Volume 5 of leading design magazineThe Sheung Wan Herald is finally complete. It takes a lot of clients to bailout of contracts and go on holiday at the same time for us to find the time to dothis sort of thing.

But we have made a solemn vow to have Volume 6 ready by April this year because Q1 2019 is going to rock. So much new stuff is coming these pages will fill up faster than a pub on Friday. We have new fridges for Haier, carbon stools, carbon luggage … you name it, we have been on it. Watch this space.

Meanwhile the last quarter saw the arrival of my second son, Jasper Wilde Young, born in Hong Kong (see inset). Along with the presentation of some long anticipated product launches. KEF Audio have filled every billboard in the city with photos of our new LSX wireless music system, we designed the XmasTree for The Upper House hotel and even relaunched a car at Mondial Motor Show in Paris.

This was in between launching smart watches for Pacewear and carpets for luxury Belgium brand Limited Edition. (All whilst escaping the Malibu fires, and changing nappies).

So thank you to our clients for investing your hard earned cash on us and helping push the boundaries of our collective dreams to market …. We love you.