Michael Young for EOQ, 2013

An ash-wood chair designed to be stacked for shipping with the seat removed. Marking a clear departure from EOQ’s previous aluminium focused collections,  the Yi Chair is the first piece released in the ‘Yi’ collection representing a continued desire to highlight the existence of both quality and innovation in Asian manufacturing.

EOQ-Yi Chair-1“I have always adored the work of Hans Wegner, the lines he created through his deep understanding of the characteristics of wood, bending and shaping, cannot really be surpassed. This was really my main source of inspiration in attempting to work in a material other than plastic, metal or upholstery. We found a great factory with skilled Japanese craftsmen and technicians in Asia and thus the Yi Chair started to take shape. By using ash wood it allowed us to create the deep backrest that flows into the front legs so cleanly. The ergonomics of the chair were of course a key factor in creating this form for casual dining.”

— Michael Young


EOQ-Yi Chair-2



EOQ-Yi Chair-3