Yi 椅

EOQ, 2013

这一白蜡木椅子之设计精妙之处在于, 它在运递的过程中可以叠起存放, 而且可以把座垫移除。显然有别于 EOQ 以铝材为本的标志性系列, 它是‘Yi’系列的第一项产品, 象徵了设计师对于彰现亚洲生产品质及创新的持续追求。

EOQ-Yi Chair-1〝我一直非常欣赏 Hans Wegner 的作品, 他的设计反映了他对木材特性、屈曲及塑造的深度认识, 他创造的品质确实是无人能及。这是我主要的灵感来源, 启发我运用塑料、金属或布垫以外的材质。我们找到了一家很出色的工场, 那里的日本工匠和技术人员技艺精湛, 造就了 Yi 椅子的形态。通过使用白蜡木, 我们能够打造出深深的靠背, 它连接前脚的线条非常清晰利落。当然, 这一椅子的人体力学形态是关键的亮点, 与休闲的用餐空间格外搭配。"— Michael Young


EOQ-Yi Chair-2



EOQ-Yi Chair-3

Michael Young for EOQ, 2013

Marking a clear departure from the previous aluminium focused collections, eoq is pleased to launch the first piece in the new ‘Yi’ collection designed by Michael Young. This represents a continuation of eoq‘s desire to highlight the existence of both quality and innovation in Asian manufacturing.

Yi-chair by Michael Young

“I have always adored the work of Hans Wegner, the lines he created through his deep understanding of the characteristics of wood, bending and shaping, cannot really be surpassed. This was really my main source of inspiration in attempting to work in a material other than plastic, metal or upholstery. We found a great factory with skilled Japanese craftsmen and technicians in Asia and thus Yi chair started to take shape.

By using Ash wood it allowed us to create the deep backrest that flows into the front legs so cleanly. The ergonomics of the chair were of course a key factor in creating this form for casual dining”

–Michael Young

Yi-chair by Michael Young

The chair was designed to be stacked for shipping with the seat removed. It will be available in a variety of stained finishes and will be complemented by a dining table in the same collection.

Yi-chair by Michael YoungYi-chair by Michael Young