Young Sofa and Easy Chair

Client: Offecct

Year: 2019

When space is scarce there is no room for errors and furniture needs to be able to deliver more than good looks – and this is exactly what the Young sofa and easy chair by Michael Young do.

Making a sofa that’s ideal for two people to socialise and also be able to find some privacy in, is a delicate equation where the proportions need to be just right. Add great comfort and style and you have Young by British designer Michael Young, who dives into the Swedish design sensibility in his first collaboration with Offecct.

“Swedes have a good sense of style and I wanted to do something that was somewhat Swedish and simple. Upholstery is one of the most difficult things to do because it’s so uncontrollable, as opposed to product design which is just as much hard work but you know the exact outcome. So I’m very happy that Offecct is realising my take on a casual couch and easy chair, and about our collaboration in general which has given me new insights about upholstery,” says Michael Young.

Every angle and element in this sofa and easy chair has been carefully thought out. Quilted textile covers the soft seating, which rests on a delicately shaped wooden frame. The size, appearance and function make Young suitable for public spaces and hospitality areas, as well as offices and domestic spheres where space is limited.


“In many urbanised parts of the world where square metres are expensive, there is less room for furniture, so the objects you furnish with have to do a good job in every sense. We wanted a modern club sofa with an adjoining easy chair that not only fits into those smaller spaces but could also address different needs. It was wonderful to work with Young who understood our mission and also the scale of the objects very well,” says Anders Englund, Design Manager at Offecct.













“Young”沙发与休闲椅, 2019


城市空间狭小,容不下设计错误。现代家具必需美观且实用 —— Michael Young 设计的‘Young’沙发与休闲安乐椅正正具备这两大亮点。

一张完美的两人沙发,让二人既可以互动交流,同时享受隐私。要打造如此的沙发,每一分寸的比例必需是恰到好处,并且带来舒适感与时尚风格。英国设计师 Michael Young 首次与 Offecct 协作,深度探索瑞典的设计美学。



Michael Young 表示:“瑞典人品位出众,我想打造既有瑞典风格,同时又简约的设计。铺垫面料是最高难度的一部分,因为它有别于产品设计,产品设计是可以预计成果的,但它超越我们的控制范围。所以,我很高兴 Offecct 让我打造一张沙发与休闲安乐椅。要谈我们的协作计划,整体而言,它让我对铺垫面料有崭新的见解。”


Offecct 设计经理 Anders Englund 称:“世界上很多城市都是寸金尺土,放置家具的空间不多。有见及此,人们购置的家具必需达到面面俱圆的要求。我们希望带来一张饶富现代感的俱乐部沙发,旁边搭配一张安乐椅。它们不仅要能够置于较小的空间,更加要满足不同的需要。这次与 Michael Young 的合作相当愉快,他了解我们的使命,也精通不同物件的规模。”