Space Hacking Assemblage, 2019










Tea Chair









New bamboo and paper light collection, 2016

“A light is to illuminate the one and create ambience, otherwise it is just decoration.” — Michael Young for ZENS

Michael Young Studio has teamed up with Chinese homewares brand, Zens, to embark on a long-term project that will create cultural and ecologically responsible products manufactured in the region. The first product range was released in recent weeks at the Guangzhou Design Week IDF. This bamboo light range reaches out to promote a locally sourced material that is also a cultural icon of China but not one that is often used in a technical way. It is is important to understand the beauty that comes from the material, each light has its own shape, form and life. This is the studio’s first attempt to celebrate design in a multicultural way for a new generation.








We have also produced a tableware collection depicting traditional Asian patterns on bone china. Through this collection, we promote the use of bamboo, which is still rarely used as a natural material in the western world and a great avenue to incorporate and elevate multicultural design.






Bamboo processing